A 1,400-acre master-planned community where life is truly boundless.


The Soul of a City in the Heart of Nature

Just west of a thriving metropolis and situated amid natural stillness, The River District will be a 1,400-acre master-planned community connecting city life with natural splendor. Combining lush green with urban landscapes, The River District offers a unique location that brings together the beauty of the Catawba River with convenient proximity to vibrant Uptown Charlotte. A diverse community with a full spectrum of residential and commercial offerings, this is where trails, riverways and innovative thinking converge, making life at The River District truly boundless.   


Crescent Communities is developing a One Living Action plan to support the 10 elements of sustainability for The River District.

One Planet Living® is a framework that encourages the incorporation of 10 elements of sustainability into the design and development of communities and cities. Developed by Bioregional, the One Planet Living Framework has been applied to cities and communities globally. Unlike a traditional certification program, a One Planet Living Action Plan represents a commitment to building and developing in accord with principles that support the health of the environment and the wellness of the people. 

10 Elements of One Planet Living

More details will be shared as we continue to develop a robust One Planet Living Action Plan to support the development of The River District as the Soul of the City in the Heart of Nature.

  • Supporting the principles of One Planet Living, the community will feature:
  • 500+ acres
    of preserved green space and connections to nature
  • Walking &
    Bike Trails
    offering connectivity throughout
  • A sustainable
    Urban farm
    to support local food production
  • An international
    reduction in energy, water and waste
  • Opportunities
    for lifelong learning
  • Affordable
    and mixed-income housing
  • Community Access
    to the Catawba River


A Community Built with What Lasts

The River District vision is built on principles lasting long after our involvement has ended — with respect for the environment, the creation of sustainable community relationships and a commitment to the well-being of all residents that leads to the enjoyment of life for generations to come. At Crescent Communities, our desire is not only to provide shelter but also to build community and change lives for the better. Our stewardship reflects our appreciation for the beauty of nature, the cherished company of friends and neighbors, the gift of health and happiness, and our determination to cultivate and preserve the values that ultimately give back to the community. A place that promotes and protects the unique beauty of the land and the freedom of each individual adding to its radiance, The River District is a vision for the future we share.

5 Pillars of Stewardship:

Stewardship Pillars Diagram

ENVIRONMENT | Committed to respecting the natural world
At Crescent, we know our industry can take away from the environment, which is why it’s our responsibility to give back. And that's why we make alternative choices, measure our impact, lead by example, and take every step toward leaving a smaller footprint.


COMMUNITY | Committed to sustaining relationships
We believe a community is a network of relationships, enriched by shared values and motivated by the fundamental human desire to be part of something greater. Whether we're working with our employees, customers, or neighbors, we strive to find common ground and provide opportunities for productive communities to form and flourish.


HEALTH | Committed to the well-being of our residents
We invest to create environments that support people’s physical, emotional and mental health. We believe if we can design communities where healthy choices are easy to make, then we have the opportunity to support the well-being of every resident, employee, and tenant who calls that place home. In the end, our mission is to build an environment that becomes the catalyst for a healthier lifestyle.


HAPPINESS | Committed to helping people enjoy life
For a place to thrive over time, the people there need one unsung amenity — happiness. To us, happiness is about feeling safe and secure. It's about being given the freedom to truly be who each of us is at our core, and trusting that this can happen without risk to our emotional or physical well-being.


LONGEVITY | Committed to the future
For us, longevity is about ensuring communities that will remain relevant over time by honoring the balance of project values with flexibility to adapt. Focusing on a foundation of resiliency allows us to seed a community that will sustain and continue to thrive long after our involvement as ended.


Sketch of Center of Town at The River District
Sketch of the Farm at The River District
Center of Town

A vibrant, walkable urban core with a mix of housing, retail, civic and institutional uses lining The River District's main street.

Farm Village

A small-scale residential, office, and retail community surrounds a sustainable farm, echoing a historical agrarian settlement.


Thoughtfully planned sidewalks, trails, and paths to allow easy bike and pedestrian access to the center of The River District.

Community Marketplace

An open-air market in the heart of the community allows visitors and residents access to farm fresh produce and specialty items from other local vendors.

Residential Streetscapes

Beautiful architecture, charming porches, and unique community hamlets provide a sense of community like no other in Charlotte.

River Access

A water lovers dream, with access to kayaking and canoeing nestled along the shore. Go from office desk to kayak in a matter of minutes.


Diversity & Inclusion

At The River District, we consistently strive to create meaningful partnerships and opportunities that enhance upward mobility, boost the diversity of our workforce, and ultimately improve the quality of life for people in our community. For that reason, we've partnered with Lil Associates II, our diversity and inclusion specialist, in order to further our engagement and outreach with minority and small businesses throughout the development of The River District. The first step in this process is forming relationships, and we’d like to get to know you. If you’re interested in working with us at The River District, click here to tell us about your company. Once registration is complete, you'll be added to our database to receive opportunities from The River District and other partners of Crescent Communities.
For specific questions related to diversity & inclusion, certification, and how to get involved on The River District, please contact Stephane Berwald with Lil Associates II.

A natural wonder in west Charlotte.

A 15-minute drive from Uptown, a five-minute drive to Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and a stroll from outdoor adventure, The River District provides residents and visitors ease of access to the best of both worlds.

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