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The centerpiece of Westrow is a 2-acre, sustainable, working farm with a lively orchard. This productive amenity will supply our restaurants, residents and our farmer’s market with fresh food and beautiful views of seasonal change. 

Growing season at the farm will occur from March - June, although we have a goal of year-round farming.  We are using organic practices to grow over ___+ different types of vegetables, fruits and herbs.  Additionaly, we will partner with the best and brightest local vendor for honey, ....

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About the Farmer

Erich Schultz had a few career paths before becoming a farmer, farm designer, and consultant. In college, the man behind today’s biointensive Steadfast Farm in Mesa, Arizona, studied criminal justice before working in computer and medical equipment sales. With no design experience, he then got a high-end commercial and residential outdoor design firm to take a chance on him. “I had natural design and sales abilities, and was a pretty quick learner,” he says nonchalantly. 

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One Planet Living

One Planet Living is an international sustainability initiative based on the idea that we all need to live within the limits of one planet’s natural resources. We take those words to heart. In fact, The River District is the first One Planet Living community in the southeast and only the 3rd in the US.

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