River District Firehouse

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

The River District Firehouse will be a new two-story, three-bay, approximately 14,000-square-foot firehouse located on the eastern side of Dixie River Road in the River District community. The facility will be a new station to address annexation in the River District area. This location meets the City of Charlotte Policy for Sustainable City Facilities and Charlotte Fire Department Facilities Master Plan.

A rezoning of the site (#RZP-2023-055) is needed to accommodate the facility.

This project is in advanced planning & design and is not yet funded for implementation. Projects in advanced planning are high-priority projects that are identified as candidates for potential future funding. This process of planning and design, which typically takes 12 to 18 months, will eventually produce a cost estimate and will be considered for inclusion in a future budget. Learn more about the Advanced Planning & Design Program.

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